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Cash Vs Card

Cash Vs Card

What is the safest and most secure way to travel with your funds? Is it cash or credit card? Or maybe there are other options? Does one way work when traveling to all places? Everyone takes cash, right? How much should I carry?

These questions are very important everywhere you go, even when you are traveling within your own country. Travel costs! So, in this article, we will discuss things to think about, regardless if you’re traveling a few hours down the road or many hours on a plane.


How Much Money Will I Be Spending?

This is one of the most important questions you will be asking yourself despite what your trip looks like. Of course, a fun day trip will not cost nearly as much as a month traveling on a different continent. A few hundred dollars could easily be carried or replaced as opposed to thousands of dollars for a more elaborate trip. The idea of keeping a few hundred dollars on your person is not as odd as the idea that stuffing thousands around your luggage with hopes that if any of it gets stolen, not all of it will.



The exchange rate from one currency to another is definitely something you have to think about. If your money is less valuable than the currency of the place you are going,  expect to spend more for the same products in that country.  Also, the price of things is dependent on  what the local area chooses to charge.



Here is a brief list traveling with your money in different ways. Click on the links to get the full article about these different things.


Credit Cards

You are able to carry a large amount of money with you at all times.

Better Exchange Rate

Easy Transition


Debit Cards

You are not carrying cash.

You can withdraw cash as needed

Your money is insured.


Prepaid Cards and Secure Credit Cards

You can lock in the exchange rate at the time of purchase

Easy traveling to many different places that have differing currencies.



Do not have to rely on electricity, banks, or larger cities.

You won’t go beyond your budget


In your research, you may find that there is good reason to take a variety of funding options and use each to your advantage or as a backup in case of unforeseen events. A credit card with no foreign transaction fees would be best for purchases. A debit card that doesn’t charge ATM fees may be best to get cash when you need it. Being prepared for any situation is never a bad idea, but each person’s circumstances both before they travel and what they will be doing on their trip will differ, so make sure you follow what would be most reasonable for your trip.

***Some have heard about traveler’s checks. Nowadays, most places don’t honor them. Unless you have a financial advisor and he recommends you doing so, you’re probably better off steering clear from them.

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